Oct 13, 2008

this is our Olivia

She is definitely creative and loving. those two go together good because she comes up with really neat and unique ways of showing her love for you. (and sometimes you yourself have to be creative showing your love for her- haha) She is the second born and comes with all the flavor that is supposed to come with the second born. But that is what makes having lots of children special. You get to see the difference in them. You have to pay attention to your children in order to reach their heart like only THAT particular child needs. She is very diligent, when motivated. She is very loving, when motivated, she is very happy, when motivated. What is this motivation? Well it can be different at times also. Most of the time it is quality time mixed with activity. She wants to be with you and around you, but doing something. A goal of some sort. Sometimes its for selfish reasons like in order to get ice cream or watch a movie. Early little houses or The Rifleman, we filter all movies for boyfriend/girlfriend junk and immodesty. This filtering that we do is so very important. Anything that even resembles of flirtiness (is that a word?) is avoided. A subtle look or quiet words. More is caught than taught. That is one reason for homeschooling. The child learns more on the playground for life (caught) then in the classroom for education (taught). So anyway this Olivia is special indeed and is a blessing to us in many ways.
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