Nov 4, 2008

Tuesday rant 001

O.K. let's get one thing clear before the rant. This is just an outpouring of thoughts, ideas and insights, based on friends and family's discussions, conversations and debating. 
I have over 4,000 sermons in mp3 format. I am blessed to work in a place that allows me to have an ipod to listen to them. So I hear a lot of pastors say phrases like this "It's against the law for me to tell you who to vote for, but....". Now, let's see if this is true. The Bible says to do do what unto Caeser? "Work out a deal and let Caeser control you." No I don't think that was it.  (Mat 22:21)  "They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." So when we work out a deal with Caeser to not render unto him the things that are his, (like the Bible says) then we are not doing what the Bible says. We are leaning to our understanding of the way we handle Caeser. The problem i see is that we then become servant to Caeser. We have made a deal and the deal comes with stipulations. We are shackled with Caesar and not rendering unto him like the Bible teaches. The meaning of these stipulations are not subliminal. No, they are quite intentional. Limits. Restrictions. Rules. If you don't do as we say then not only can the tax be applied but now you are in violation and can be found guilty as charged. We yoke our self up with the ruler of this world and do it all in the name of money. The Bible clearly says to "render unto Caeser the things that are Caesers, unless you file for Caeser rendering exemption status". No that's not what the Bible says. So next time you hear a preacher say (anywhere in the U.S.A.) that he can't say who to vote for, pray that that church will leave the shackles of the system which over time will only get worse and worse (why i even think that that is Biblical) tighter and tighter. More and more thing that the preacher can't say. Especially with the hate crime bills and fairness doctrines coming down the line. Caesar will with out a doubt tell 503c entities what to do and not to do.  
Disclaimer: attending a church that is shackled to Caesar in this manner is in my opinion not complete grounds to leave. You have to live your own convictions and make your own decisions. I would not leave over this. I would pray over this. Keeping in mind that there truly is no perfect church. You will find problems where ever you go. This problem will correct itself over time with true believing churches. The restrictions will continue to tighten and the obvious response will be to break away. Remember that this restriction is aimed at churches and solely churches. Other non-prof organizations operate under different rules.