Dec 30, 2008

Tornado 'wrecks' havoc.

"It happened so fast, I was just driving home from work at the tasty freeze, in my GMC Blazer "BOOMBOX" Edition and wham out of nowhere this...this tornado just destroys everything." Said Bob from Hotwheels city. "Oh the humanity, the CARnage" The Mayor of the city had this to say "We are resolute. We will prevail. I want every member of this city to remember that we now have a president that is into concrete and roads. This should create 25 million new jobs. He will bail us out. If nothing else we will pray to our creator, China for more track and a whole new line of cars. 95% of all of you will receive a new car tax credit from the mothership dealership, aka Toys R Us."...more tornado news coverage on B6