Feb 4, 2009

The seriousness of sin

Leah and the children are reading through the Bible this year. We have two readers now so it is really enjoyable. On my days off i will join them and at work I will read what they read, although not every night, as I am going through Psalm 119 and 1st and 2nd Peter.
As we were reading in Exodus we were discussing the enormity of sin and it's ramifications. We just couldn't grasp the magnitude at what sinning caused. Even if it was a sin that you could not help. Like walking in the woods and coming upon a dead carcass. All the things that had to be done in order to atone for that sin. It effected not just the sinner but everybody that was involved in the process. This Tribe did this during the ceremony and this Priest handled a certain part. All the people that because you sinned had to do their part in the atonement. According to the word that was given them. If they didn't do it then the sin would remain. Or if they did it a different way, it would not work. If they decided to add or subtract from or change the process in any way then it wouldn't be according to His word and therefore would not be recognized by God as proper atonement. You might as well have not done anything then try your own way knowing how God wanted it done.
It showed us the seriousness of sin. When looking at this in this manner I can clearly see why God has instructed us in a very specific manner as what needs to be done. If Moses had done anything different or Aaron had changed something according to their own wisdom then the plan would have failed. The Bible says a lot about us leaning not to our own understanding. Trust not in mans ways. There is way which seemeth right unto man but in the end is destruction
When we look at that which God has done, does what we are doing line up with the Word or with mans understanding. Does God accept a different view. I would have to say no. God has His view on the matter and has spoken that in His Word.