Mar 21, 2009

Our Family's Top Five Funny Posts

# 5  bonnet babies by ty

the next big thing in the fast food cheap toy turned ebay money maker is out. Stop by any participating fast food restaurant. Bonnet babies are a registered trade mark of the R&L Manufacturing Company

It's Bubdeehd Mohaumeht Ali the terrorist!!!!


Juju gets goofy


boy howdy is that convenient

and #1.......


After an investigation by a I.D.N.R. official, Leah Yates will be officially charged with Public Fraud, with an criminal intent to deceive. The story broke last week with a photo surfacing of Leah holding the antlers of an 8pt big bodied buck.

 All smiles was the photo, but not for long, it will be turned into a frown if the state has anything to with it. After listening to her story , holes started to develop and upon an investigation the truth has surfaced. "She's a complete lying fraud!!!" said her 11 year old daughter. "The atrocity!!! Basically, a total feeling of betrayal is how I would sum it up." spoke her 7 year old dear daughter. Her newly turned 5 year old had these words for her. "Mommy, why all the lies, I...I...dont even know if I am really 5 at this point...hey Mom can I watch a movie? out of room) Olivia Mom said we can watch a movie!!" Olivia , "She's probably lying". Sky (another daughter) (what's wrong with these people) was quoted repeatedly as saying "Bubba, mommy, ashy, danule, 'liva, mommy, ashy, bubba, daddy, mommy, ashy, 'liva..."
 Officials will determine what punishment will be handed out after reviewing the case for a week. "I hope they can go easy on her ya know...I mean she has to spend all day with those kids so I think the judge will consider that." said her attorney Duane "Insane in the membrane" Howell. "I feel this is really just a mistake and personally, off the record, I think her husband has a lot to do with it, but we can't pin it on him ya know, because if he did it then, the deer would have had a wound in the buttocks area and she wouldn't be there holdin' the antlers you know what I'm saying, hahahah bwahahaha"
Leah couldn't be reached for comment, but left responses up to her 2 year old son who said "Shoot da deer, shoot da deer, shoot da deer, shoot da deeeeerrr". We will keep you updated as the story unfolds. (associated press)
Hope you enjoyed.....