Aug 18, 2009

iTHINK vol.1

A couple of years ago on Broadway there was a play about Jesus being gay and having sexual relations with Judas. Also a couple of years ago there was a newspaper in Denmark that published 12 cartoons about Muhammad. Now a writer wants to publish a book about those cartoons and the whole story behind it. The publishing house got a bunch of experts together and came to the conclusion that the book is good but that it cant contain the actual cartoons. Outside the Broadway play about a gay Jesus, there were a dozen catholics with signs. I think Yale publishing house had this thought when making the decision whether to publish the pictures. What if the play would have been about a gay Muhammad? You think the protesting would have been a little bit more intense? Would the actors even have made it off the stage? The squeaky wheel that totes a AK-47 gets the oil alright!