Jan 13, 2009

A special day for our country on the 19th of January.

With all the different activities going on around the country on the 19th and 20th, there is a lot to choose from to partake in. Celebrations and parties going on. Martin Luther King Jr. was a humble and great man, the likes that we will scarcely see again. He was a Christian and a registered Republican that stood on principles of freedom and liberty like few have. But as great as he was there will be some that will not celebrate. There are people planning "mourning parties" for saddened republicans over the president elect taking of office. Some will be happy on the 20th and some will be mad. Yet even some will be indifferent, not really partaking in any kind of jubilation. But on the 19th of January there will be a celebration by all. All Americans of all races and religions. All Americans that are Republicans or Democrats. Abled or Disabled. Elderly or infants. Knowing or unknowing. Alive and kicking or frail and feeble. What will every American citizen whether they want to or not celebrate? It is the simple but yet complex fact of security. Safety. We will celebrate 2,685 days of being safe from terrorists within our borders. We have two people to thank for that. President George Walker Bush for having the wherewithall to do what was necessary. No he wasn't perfect but we don't elect people to be perfect we elect them to be Commander in Chief of our nation and to keep us safe. President elect Barak Hussien Obama has a smaller and safer plate (at least on that issue)