Feb 11, 2009

Lost a friend this week

We just found out that a friend has died. I met Jacob Rogers at a drug rehab clinic that i used to give a gospel message at for 4 years. He and a another young man came forward and with sincere hearts asked questions about salvation. Not just the run of the mill questions, but from what i remember, they were questions that stemmed from convictions. He had stated that he had a religious background but nothing that he could say for sure was salvation. we went through the Bible and mixed with the message he heard said he believed. He repented of sin and believed on Him who HE hath sent. He asked about baptism and we went through the Bible again (this was over the next couple of weeks) and he saw the clear picture of what baptism is. I remember him saying “wow, how simple the Bible is when you actually read it.” So true, so true. After he got out he went to a oxford house (a house the rehab patients go to live temporarily). My family picked Jacob up several times and took him to church. My children loved him as he was very good with children. Ellie (then 3, now 5) loved his curly black hair and smile. He started going to church in town and got busy with a job and life. Anytime i felt comfortable about a client leaving gateway that need a place to stay, I would tell them to find Jacob Rogers and tell them Rowdy was referring them, Jacob was the president of the oxford house chapter by this time, and he always got them a room. Yes there is a sad ending to Jacob here on earth. He relapsed and O.D.. Was Jacob perfect? No. Is Jacob perfect in Christ Jesus. You bet. We were not able to make the visitation or funeral, it was just up the road in Peoria, but found out about it to late. God Bless his family. The Yates